About Us


Action in Africa was established in 1997 and is a registered charity (reg. number 1072661) under the control of the Charity Commission. Annual reports and accounts are submitted to the Commission and these can be seen on their website.



The objectives of the charity are the relief of poverty, sickness and distress and the advancement of education in the areas of Nyaishozi and of Mtandika in Tanzania The beneficiaries are all the people of the area irrespective of race, religion or gender.




Mr Michael Agius Chairman
Mrs Carolyn Higgs Treasurer
Mrs Tina Rayburn Vice Chair
Mr Andy Dutton  Trustee
Mr Mike Andrews  Trustee


Special Responsibilities


Mtandika Michael Agius
Education Tina Rayburn
Development TBA
Health Tina Rayburn

The role of the trustees is:

  • To consider requests from local management
  • to agree policy with local management
  • to agree budgets
  • to ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with agreed policy and all monies sent are spent in accordance with that policy
  • to raise the funds needed

Sister Barberina



All activities come under the direct supervision of Sister Barberina.





  1. Fr. Vitalis Bamuhiga- Chairman/coordinator
  2. Mr. Paul Mubiligi -secretary
  3. Mrs .Katusime Nimurodi- Treasury
  4. Mrs, Adela Alobogast - Adivisor
  5. Mr.  Serapion  Mkwate- Adivisor


  1. Sr. Maria-Goreth Kakuru-Member
  2. Dr. Dina Ndyamukama-Member
  3. Rebecca Didace-Secretary
  4. Frolian Buberwa-Chairman
  5. Paul Mubirigi-General Secretary


  1. Mr. Paul Mubirigi-Secretary
  2. Herman Katabazi- Chairman
  3. David Itegeleize-Member
  4. Adrian Kobushoke-Member


  1. Headmasters of Nyaishozi, Rugu, Ruhinda, Nyakasimbi, Kajunguti and  Ihembe secondary ( By the nature of their offices)
  2. Head teacher of Nyaishozi, Primary school
  3. Janet Herman-Chairperson
  4. Lucas Kajura-Member
  5. Paul Mubirigi-Secretary


Action in Africa employs no staff in the U.K. All the trustees are volunteers who give their time freely.




We employ no staff directly but through our support of The Trade School there are some half a dozen people working.


Action in Africa directly employs two teachers at the Kindergarten.

St Michael’s Clinic was gifted by Action in Africa to the local community so it is their responsibility to run it. With the help of our subsidy, five medical staff including a Clinical Officer and a midwife.