About Us

Ashtead Committee

Our current Trustees are:

  • Michael Agius - Chairman
  • Tina Rayburn - Vice Chair
  • Carolyn Higgs - Treasurer
  • Mike Andrews

The role of the trustees is:

  • To respond to the requests of the Nyaishozi Committee, prioritise the most urgent of cases and raise funds needed.   
  • To carry out due diligence by requesting regular reports and updates about ongoing projects.
  • To fulfil our obligations as set down by the Charity Commission.

Action in Africa employs no staff in the U.K. All the trustees are volunteers who give their time freely.

Nyaishozi Committee

The Nyaishozi committee is made of trustees who work as doctors, nurses and teachers, including:

  • Fr. Hans - Chairman/coordinator
  • Mr. Ambruce - General Secretary
  • Mrs. Katusime Nimrod - Treasurer
  • Sr. Xavelina
  • Rebecca Didas
  • Adventina Mfunfo
  • Paul Clavery

The role of the trustees is:

  • To identify the most needy children for education sponsorship and the most urgent one off health and building projects. 
  • To supply the necessary paperwork to fulfil our stringent funding application process
  • To chart the progress of our sponsored students and one off projects with regular updates including written and photographic evidence

Action in Africa directly employs two teachers at the Kindergarten.


All activities come under the direct supervision of the religious order, The Teresina Sisters.

We employ no staff directly, but through our support of The Trade School there are some half a dozen people in work.