Our Work

Our Objectives

Our objectives are to support the communities of Nyaishozi and Mtandika, through the sponsorship of education and the support of health and building projects. We fund the most deserving cases of need, inclusive of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds.


Our History

Action in Africa was established in 1997 for the people of Ashtead to sponsor the schooling of two young orphan girls and support the community of Nyaishozi, a remote community in north western Tanzania.  This was made possible by linking the Catholic parish of St Michael’s, Ashtead to St Charles Lwanga in Nyaishozi. We are proud that the charity has flourished to include supporters and those supported from all faiths and backgrounds. Our Committee in Nyaishozi is also multi faith, as is our Committee in Ashtead. Support now comes from across the U.K.

Since 2006 Action in Africa has also been working in a second area in Tanzania, Mtandika in the centre of the country in Iringa Region. The work here has centred on the construction of a Trade School to teach girls tailoring and more recently boys and girls electrical skills. The school is going from strength to strength and is now fully registered with the Government as a Vocational Training College.  There are currently thirty five students at the Trade School and thirty orphaned or poor students who are supported at local Primary and Secondary schools.

With the help of the Nyaishozi Action in Africa Committee, which identifies where aid is most needed, the work of Action in Africa has expanded its original remit of education to include health and building projects.  In Mtandika, as well constructing the Trade School, funding has been secured to help refurbish the local Primary School and complete the construction of a new nurses’ home at the local hospital.