Covid 19 has taken its toll across the world this year. Action in Africa has been fortunate enough to secure funds from U.K. charitable trusts to help the community of Nyaishozi to best protect themselves from the disease. It has not been without its failings and there have been tragic deaths. However, with the help of the generous donations from Scott Bader, Heb Finn, the Oakdale Trust and local individual supporters, we have been able to provide the monies to enable:

  • 2 local radio educational campaigns
  • Equipment for wash stations
  • The wholesale purchase of disinfectant, gloves, masks and hand sanitisers.

In his own words, Father Vitalis' report on the effects of Covid-19


The first COVID-19 case in Tanzania was reported on 16 March 2020 in Arusha a tourist –hub city in the Northern Zone, since then the case of Corona has been increasing.  The effects of Corona has been so tense in our area. Here are some general and Particular effects for our people.

  • Mentally the Corona Pandemic affected our people very much all villagers were very much worried and mentally disturbed. No one trusted the other in the community so the people was very much unsettled. Also we couldn’t go to the Area of worshiping our God for couple of weeks.  All media was broadcasting about Corona.
  • Economically we were also affected since this pandemic coursed people to stay at home for many days. We couldn’t go out for business activities and other incoming generating projects. Most of our people do get some money from business of the border, Because of lock down almost everything went off and people became poor. Also for people depending on Salaries especial government workers were affected economically. A good number of people lost their usual incomes when the government ordered the closure of schools, teachers at public schools were assured of the monthly salaries. For private sectors it was different story. As parents became unable to pay tuition the schools became unable to pay salaries.
  • Socially we were also affected because no social activities were allowed to be done.  We were told to stay at home. As you in Africa everything is almost done with ceremonies so the ceremonies were prohibited. Some people in the village depend on these ceremony activities to earn some money or to be paid in kind. Also for kids to stay at home with their parents was not so easy especially for people with informal work. Also a good number of students left the school and there was a lot of earl peregrinates for students
  • Culturally we experienced new culture which we were not experienced especially during the funeral services. We used to moon for our departed relatives for days, due Corona pandemic we couldn’t get such moments. Also it was not easy to continue with our culture of Shaking hands, hugging each other and sit or stay together closely.


  • People in Nyaishozi was able to tune on Radio station to hear information about Corona, because the Radio was used to educate people to prevent themselves from Covid 19
  • People was able to wash hands and use protective things such as Masks, wash hand use of sanitizers and keep distance in any social gatherings.
  • Because of lock down people could get enough time to stay with their families


Here are a collection of photographs which detail Covid 19 in Nyaishozi 2020.

Disinfecting the schools for reopening


Ruhinda schoolboy cleaning the school for reopeningRuhinda schoolboy cleaning the school for reopening

Nyaishozi Secondary schoolgirl gloved and maskedNyaishozi Secondary schoolgirl gloved and masked


Ruhinda Secondary School students disinfecting the schoolRuhinda Secondary School students disinfecting the school


 Delivering Hand Sanitisers to Nyaishozi Schools


Father Vitalis preparing a box of sanitisers for Rugu SchoolFather Vitalis preparing a box of sanitisers for Rugu School

Covid-19 hand sanitiser in the carCovid-19 hand sanitiser in the car


Nyakasimbi students queuing up for their hand sanitiserNyakasimbi students queuing up for their hand sanitiser



Wash stations to help keep the virus away


The Deputy Head at Nyaishozi Primary showing the children how to use a The Deputy Head at Nyaishozi Primary showing the children how to use a

Wash station in use at Ruhinda SchoolWash station in use at Ruhinda School


Wash station in the villageWash station in the village

Wash stations outside classroomsWash stations outside classrooms


Teaching the local ladies to keep their families safe


Committee member demonstrating how to use hand sanitiserCommittee member demonstrating how to use hand sanitiser

Local ladies masked and glovedLocal ladies masked and gloved


Local ladies being instructed about Covid-19Local ladies being instructed about Covid-19


The tragedy of Covid-19


Father Vitalis taking the funeral service and burial of a victim of Covid-19Father Vitalis taking the funeral service and burial of a victim of Covid-19