A Slice of Nyaishozi Life


Nyaishozi signThe nearest airport is Kigali in Rwanda – four hours away!

footballFootball is the main sport in Nyaishozi and they have a very good team.


shady placeA shady place away from the hot sun on market day

washingThe ladies wash their clothes in the local stream, which is also used for drinking water – it might be a long walk back to their homes


beltsBelts for sale are made out of dyed straw

 sharing transportSharing transport with foodstuffs and strangers is the only way to get about


inquisitive childrenInquisitive local children

local sparThe Nyaishozi equivalent of the local Spar


goatWe think he’s lost!

Nyaishozi viewNyaishozi View


SunsetNyaishozi Sunset

sky at nightThe Sky at Night



 School Life

Kindergarten ChildrenNyaishosi Kindergarten Children

Nyaishozi Primary School ClassHello from Nyaishozi Primary School Children


Albert AdrofAlbert Adrof, our youngest sponsored child, on his way to school – it’s a long walk!


school waterSchools which don’t have enough harvested rainwater send the children to the nearest water pipe to collect water for the school


Nyaishozi Secondary SignAction in Africa sponsors the private education of vulnerable young woman at Nyaishozi Secondary Boarding School.

Nyaishozi Secondary SchoolNyaishozi Secondary Boarding School


BibianaBibiana Patilisi at Nyaishozi Secondary School

Albina and JewelesJewels Philbert & Albina Alphonse joined Bibiana in 2016


Efrat and NaivethUneducated mature students such as Efrat Shubira and Naiveth Almachius have an opportunity to study at Kagera District Vocational College.

Efrat and NaivethEfrat and Naiveth with Father Vitalis



A Snapshot of Time Spent with Father Vitalis


Chicken supperA neighbour flags down Father Vitalis (Chairman of Action in Africa Nyaishozi) on the way home to ask him if he’d like chicken for supper.

Father V HouseFather Vitalis’ home.


Sunday ServiceSunday service is always well attended, with some of the congregation having to sit on the floor in the aisles.

Sunday ServiceAs the Nyaishozi community is spread over a vast area, Father Vitalis holds services at out stations, for parishioners living in remote areas.


Fr Vitalis FoodFather Vitalis took in two orphaned young women to cook and clean for him. They always prepare a delicious spread for him and his guests.

Father V at barPaul Mubiligi, trustee of the Action in Africa Nyaishozi Committee, is pictured here (middle) with Father Vitalis (left) and Paul’s wife and child. They are at the local bar.


Fr Vitalis with youngsterFather Vitalis with a young parishioner.


Photos from the visit of Tina Rayburn, Vice Chair, March 2019


Bibiana_with_her_family_outside_their_homeBibiana with her family outside their home

FR_V_taking_Sunday_mass_at_the_outstationFR V taking Sunday mass at the outstation


FR_V_with_Naiveth_and_Efrat_former_vocational_studentsFR V with Naiveth and Efrat former vocational students

Father_Vitalis_on_his_way_to_take_Mass_at_an_outstationFather Vitalis on his way to take Mass at an outstation


Hello_from_Nyaishozi_PrimaryHello from Nyaishozi Primary

 Market_day_at_NyaishoziMarket day at Nyaishozi


Little_girl_amusing_herself_while_her_mum_works_at_Nyaishozi_marketLittle girl amusing herself while her mum works at Nyaishozi market

Nyaishozi_Secondary_School_matron_Regina_taking_the_DfG_course_at_Rugu_Secondary_SchoolNyaishozi Secondary School matron Regina taking the DfG course at Rugu Secondary School


Meeting_with_the_Rotary_Club_KaragweMeeting with the Rotary Club Karagwe

Signing_the_visitors_book_with_Rebecca_our_midwife_at_Nyaishozi_DispensarySigning the visitors book with Rebecca our midwife at Nyaishozi Dispensary


The_receiving_of_the_haemoglobin_machine_at_Nyaishozi_DispensaryThe receiving of the haemoglobin machine at Nyaishozi Dispensary

The_water_committee_at_KibogoiziThe water committee at Kibogoizi


The_motorbike_at_Kibogoizi_DispensaryThe motorbike at Kibogoizi Dispensary

The_Rugu_girls_dancing_with_the_matron_from_Nyaishozi_Secondary_School_who_took_the_DfG_course_thereThe Rugu girls dancing with the matron from Nyaishozi Secondary School who took the DfG course there


Father_Vitals_with_Deputy_head_Levina_at_Nyaishozi_Primary_with_the_home_grown_maizeFather Vitals with Deputy head Levina at Nyaishozi Primary with the home grown maize

Mothers_in_the_waiting_room_at_Kibogoizi_DispensaryMothers in the waiting room at Kibogoizi Dispensary


Waiting_for_customers_at_Nyaishozi_marketWaiting for customers at Nyaishozi market

Women_washing_their_clothes_at_Kibogoizi_where_they_get_their_water_to_drinkWomen washing their clothes at Kibogoizi where they get their water to drink


Women_weeding_the_sweet_bean_field_at_the_church_shambaWomen weeding the sweet bean field at the church shamba

The_PresbyteryThe Presbytery


Samson_Charles_with_his_Action_in_Africa_gift_at_Rugu_Secondary_SchoolSamson Charles with his Action in Africa gift at Rugu Secondary School

Rugu_drummer_girlRugu drummer girl


Queuing_up_for_maize_gruel_breakfastQueuing up for maize gruel breakfast

Locally_funded_female_dorm_at_Nyakasimbi_Secondary_SchoolLocally funded female dorm at Nyakasimbi Secondary School


Sunday ServiceSunday service is always well attended, with some of the congregation having to sit on the floor in the aisles.

Sunday ServiceAs the Nyaishozi community is spread over a vast area, Father Vitalis holds services at out stations, for parishioners living in remote areas.


Local_wildlifeLocal wildlife

In_search_of_mamaIn search of mama


Inquisitive_Kibogoizi_residentsInquisitive Kibogoizi residents

Machete_man_shooting_the_breeze_with_Fr_VMachete man shooting the breeze with Fr V